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A tradition of high-tech and quality

Introducing the company

The South Korean manufacturer offers highly productive tooling solutions for many applications and industries.
With factories in Korea, India and China and distribution in over 80 countries.


Korloy Europe

KORLOY Europe GmbH

The European headquarters of KORLOY with sales, marketing, application technology and the large warehouse was established in 2010. The proximity to the international airport and the good infrastructure connections are arguments for the location in Oberursel. A staff of around 25 employees is there to meet our customers' needs. Customers all over Europe benefit from our modern logistics system with "the same day delivery", a spacious warehouse containing over 25,000 items and short-term deliveries from our main warehouse in South Korea. 

KORLOY head office

KORLOY history

Founded on June 11th, 1966, KORLOY established the manufacturing of cutting tools in South Korea. Application of cutting tools in various industries made this branch one of the crucial factors for the development of the South Korean economy.

During this time, dependence on overseas manufacturers led to great disadvantages and difficulties. This was KORLOY's drive to launch its own production of cutting tools in South Korea. Establishing itself as a leading manufacturer in the South Korean market for cutting tools, which until that time had been dominated by Japanese products, required the highest level of commitment, will and passion. These are the qualities that have accompanied KORLOY on its way to becoming a leading global manufacturer of cutting tools.

Corporate Identity

KORLOY is a portmanteau word of 'Korea' and 'Alloy'. KORLOY is poised to usher in a new era of unprecedented promise by building on our culture of excellence and innovation to lead the carbide cutting tool industry.

Social awareness

KORLOY contributes to society and improves the world by manufacturing needed products, creating jobopportunities and taking responsibility for what we do.


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