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High Pressure Coolant Holder

KHP - High pressure cooling holder
for Inconel machining

High pressure cooling holder

The HRSA (Inconel, titanium and stainless steel) have high strength and low thermal conductivity used in the space, aircraft, and offshore machining industries, results in structure failures causes chipping on the cutting edge due to heat shock and work hardening and decreases tool life rapidly in machining.

The existing coolant spraying to wide parts is not able to reduce the focused heat on the cutting part in HRSA machining effectively. Therefore, to improve the productivity with high efficient cooling, a solution is needed. That is spraying the high pressure coolant directly on the cutting edge.

A high pressure coolant holder will have the optimal distance between the insert cutting edge and the jet orifice, the ideal place of the streamlined jet orifice of the coolant. KORLOY’s new KHP sprays high pressure coolant enhancing chip control and wear resistance. Our KHP High pressure coolant holder’s sliding clamp system provides easy change of inserts and optimal nozzle cooling.

KORLOY KHP High pressure coolant holder provides the best solution meeting the customers’ needs with high productivity and highly precise machining, by reducing workpiece damage by limiting fracture of insert, and long chips, for heat removal in HRSA machining.


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