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S+ Endmill

Endmill series for stainless steel machining

S+ Endmill - Endmill series for stainless steel machining

Stainless steel with corrosion resistance and smooth surface is widly used in daily life and various industries.

High work hardening and shear resistance of stainless steel often making chip welding and fracture on cutting edge reduce tool life.

Therefore, exclusive tools for stainless steel machining are recommended for efficient performance.

S+ Endmill with optimally designed cutting edges effectively reduces fracture from unexpected chipping by minimizing cutting load and vibration in cutting. In addition, its new substrate and coating layer ensure higher wear and welding resistance than existing tools.

Moreover, KORLOY recommends S+ Endmill with increased welding and wear resistance from optimal substrate, layer, and shape for stainless steel machining to ensure customer’s high productivity..



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