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S-Star Endmill

Endmill for stainless steel machining

For stainless steel, titanium, nickel, Inconel and other hard-to-cut materials.

Stainless steel is widely used not only in daily life but also in various industries because it has high corrosion resistance and smooth surface. Stainless steel reduces tool life as it has characteristics like high work hardening, high shear resistance and high tendency of chip's welding on a tool. Therefore, it is recommended to use exclusive tools for effective stainless steel machining.

S-S Endmill dramatically increased wear resistance and welding resistance than existing tool through applying high toughness substrate and new coating layer with wear resistance, oxidation resistance and high hardness. In addition, the optimal cutting edge minimizes cutting load and chattering for stainless steel cutting and reduces fracture due to unexpected chipping.

KORLOY recommends S-S Endmill not only for stainless steel cutting but general cuttings with titanium, nickel, Inconel and hard-to-cut materials for your high productivity.


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