Turning Tools

ISO Inserts

High quality turning inserts for all applications, from uncoated and coated carbide inserts, cermet and ceramic inserts to PCD and cBN tipped WSP for highest productivity.


Turning Holders & Boring Bars

High-quality and cost-efficient turning toolholders with and without internal cooling as well as steel and solid carbide boring bars with or without internal cooling for best results in production.



Grooving & Parting off

Tools for parting off, axial and radial grooving and the production of internal grooves. In addition to conventional grooving holders and boring bars, there are also cartridge types and solutions with grooving blades, available with single- or double-edged grooving inserts.



Thread turning holders and inserts, with or without chipbreaker, for the production of a wide variety of thread types as internal or external threads.


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