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High precision tools

Special industries applications

We offer highly productive tooling solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

Specialized cutting tools technology for high precision machining of various Aerospace components such as engine, turbine, wings, frame, landing gear and others.

Mold & Die
KORLOY offers a wide range of cutting tools for machining press moulds, injection moulds, die-casting moulds and forgings.

Pipe machining
Total tooling for pipe machining such as edge milling, bead removal, end facing, and more.

Power supply
Durable components are needed in wind, gas and nuclear power plants. KORLOY offers solutions for the efficient machining of these parts.

Medical and equipment industry
Requires difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium. KORLOY has special tools that meet and increase productivity, reliability and precision specifications.

Automotive industry
A vehicle consists of over 20,000 parts. KORLOY develops machining solutions for the most important systems, such as crankshafts, engine blocks, piston crowns, etc.

Railway industry & construction
In the railway industry, high quality cutting tools from KORLOY are used for the machining of rail separators, transitions, connectors, wheels etc.

Engine and gearbox construction
KORLOY provides comprehensive tooling solutions for the overall machining of the power train.

Information technology
Tools from KORLOY are applied for the machining of the precision parts of IT devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets.

Armament and defence technology
These are high-tech products made of difficult-to-machine high-temperature alloys. KORLOY's expertise in aerospace is easily transferable to defence.



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