ISO 9001 Quality management

We practice quality

This is firmly anchored in our corporate structure. Quality is not only an absolute necessity for us, it is the basis for everything that happens in our house. Our products and systems are used where accuracy and reliability have the highest priority. This can only be achieved through continuous quality control.

From the carbide to the manufacturing process, KORLOY, as an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of metal cutting tools, follows a quality assurance program that must be strictly adhered to. This strengthens our customers' confidence in our products worldwide. Deliveries of raw materials are carefully analysed to ensure that raw materials do not deviate from our high standards. State-of-the-art processes are used to check the standards in quality analysis.

Throughout the manufacturing process, analytical systems check to ensure that there are no deviations from the established specification. Our quality control facility includes the KORLOY Research and Development Institute in Cheongju, Korea. This is home to the metallurgy research centre and a raw materials testing centre. The results are tracked and compared with the specified performance values. Only extensively tested and proven products are put on sale, thus ensuring the highest quality of our goods.

Certified quality from KORLOY  

In order to offer you the best quality products and solutions, we are constantly optimising our internal processes. We have had our product and manufacturing qualities certified by renowned institutions in order to be able to deliver the best results in accordance with the standards in the areas of quality, environment, energy, safety and health.


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