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Super Endmill for Ti and HRSA

Endmills series for difficult-to-cut materials

Machining HRSA and Ti components like engine, turbine etc. used in aerospace and power generation industries.

Using diffcult-to-cut materials is getting increased in various industries, aerospace, medical, automobile etc. with demands on high performance and light weight products. According to the change, KORLOY launched Super Endmill For Ti following Super Endmill For HRSA.

With its optimal edge structure for Titanium machining and enlarged chip pocket in futes design, Super Endmill For Ti reduces cutting load and cutting heat  and it improves chip evacuation. In addition, applying high toughness substrate and high lubrication coating layer minimizing irregular tool fracture and welding ensure maximized tool life.

Super Endmill For HRSA increases cutting perfor- mance and cutting stability applying positive rake angle and irregular fute spacing. Also, the new coating layer with high hardness controls fracture in cutting edge and ensures long tool life for HRSA machining by its increased wear resistance.

Super Endmill For Ti provides the best solution in Titanium alloy and stainless steel cutting, and Super Endmill For HRSA gives the same for HRSA such as Inconel, Hastelloy and Waspaloy.


  TechNews Super Endmill Ti and HRSA · english · PDF file · 1.7 MB


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